Small mammal conference

Preparations for the Evening of Biodiversity next Wednesday continue after the initial dry runs to figure out the story line, LT evaluation and now its time to stitch the stories together. I am revisiting their topics through discussion and the first part are the Smammal (small mammal) girls, Amanda Tan and Chloe Tan!

After a tiring day, and then an exhausting evening with me, they still found energy to gaze at recent photos of a red-cheeked flying squirrel. They will enjoy sharing stories next Wednesday, for sure!

2014 04 11 21 56 29

2014 04 11 22 01 10 1

Map of Life – what is the distinctiveness of birds in your area?

“The Map of Life assembles and integrates different sources of data describing species distributions worldwide.” See the About page.

You can navigate to any location to discover the bird diversity recorded in the area.

Map of Life

Click the species to see its global distribution map! MOL integrates IUCN and GBIF data so there are links to taxonomic information, status and distribution data. Students will appreciate the birds they observe during the LSM2251 Ecology and the Environment Pulau Ubin field trip all the more. It will certainly help enhance conservation awareness with our help.

Map of Life

Map of Life - Species Evolutionary Distinctness

In other news, see the OneZoom visualisation of the new Edge of Existence conservation ranking of birds using evolutionary distinctiveness:

OneZoom Tree of Life Explorer