Civetgirl twists her face during Evening of Biodiversity preparations

Civetgirl Xu Weiting has been pulling faces at all of us for the longest time. Here she is during various phases of preparations for the Evening of Biodiversity expressing a sheer joy of life!

During Dry Run II last Tuesday; sitting in the front row.
EveBioD prep

Civetgirls during content evaluation last Saturday
2014 04 12 12 48 45

During post-evaluation edits earlier today (we skipped our Southern Ridges walk)
2014 04 14 18 01 52

Department is providing food, isn’t that nice of them? Here they are with Mrs Chan, one of our exalted department admins, confirming that the department caterer uses Cornware (yes) for reduced plastic content; Civetgirl’s face is hidden but you can guess the expression on her face.
2014 04 14 15 23 54


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