A Gift from the Heart for Easter 2014 from the St. Andrew’s Alumni

SAS badgeFund-raising by the St. Andrew’s Alumni for needy students in the schools

“Dear Fellow Saints,

A Gift From the Heart For Easter 2014

Since 2008, Saint Andrew’s Alumni has made a gift every Easter to over 200 students from our Junior, Secondary School and Junior College on the financial assistance scheme (FAS). This gesture also goes to express our care and concern as elder comrades to our less fortunate younger Saints

Each year we target to raise about $20,000/- for the project. All this will not be possible without your generous contributions and support.

With Easter upon us, we hope that you can once again give us your fullest support to carry on this tradition. We suggest a donation of $50/- and more if you wish.

Do send this appeal to friends and fellow Saints, to rally their support. All funds collected will be disbursed solely for the Easter Gift project.

How you can contribute?

  • Crossed Cheque to be made to “ST ANDREW’S ALUMNI”.
  • Please indicate at the back of the cheque “A Gift From The Heart For Easter 2014”
  • and Your Name and Contact Tel No
  • Send the Cheque to: St Andrew’s Alumni,
    1 Francis Thomas Drive #01-10
    Singapore 359340
  • Please send an email to Mr. Ding Lit Siong (litsiong@hotmail.com) or Mr. Goh Chong Hiang (gohchonghiang@gmail.com) to alert them about the cheque so that they don’t miss the donation.

Thanks in advance for the support.

Up and On!

On Behalf of Saint Andrew’s Alumni
Mr. Goh Chong Hiang (66/68)
Mr. Ding Lit Siong (cohort 97/0)”

What better day to read this than on Maundy Thursday.

Happy Easter boys!

SAA fund raising

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