Small Mammal team 2011-2013, reunited at the Evening of Biodiversity

Thanks to Ivan Kwan’s Storify of the Evening of Biodiversity, I revisited field assistant Gladys Chua’s 2012 blog post about following Amanda Tan into the field in 2012.

Chloe had joined the field trip as a volunteer field assistant too and Erica Sena Neves who had trained Amanda, was there to help and collect swabs for vector research.

I was delighted to see that Gladys had a photo with Amanda, Erica and Chloe in one picture. Small mammal field workers rarely have photos of their field work so this was great. And one with all three of them? Priceless!

As I scrolled through photos from the Evening of Biodiversity taken by volunteer photographer Prab Nathan, I found he had a photo of the same three in LT25. I was real happy with the result, and cam present you the Small Mammal Research Team of 2011-2013:

2012 AmandaTan wEricaNevesandChloeTan Small Mammalwork Gladys Chua

2012 AmandaTan wEricaNevesandChloeTan 175 evebiod2 16apr2014 prab

Thanks to Gladys Chua, Prab Nathan and master twitterer Ivan Kwan.


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