“Otters of the World,” a new book by Paul and Grace Yoxon (Aug 2014)

I met Paul Yoxon at the Otter Colloquim in South African in 1993 and already then learnt how he intended to translate the interest and support of people in the UK for otters, into conservation work around the globe.

He told me then, “how can you not love otters?”

Since then, I have followed the work of Paul and Grace Yoxon at the International Otter Survival Fund and seen how they have worked with concerned people globally to help all 13 species of otters in 31 countries.

Indeed IOSF funded the search for the hairy-nosed otter in southern Thailand in 1998, at a time when we not sure if we had lost the species.

Now they announce their new book to be published in August, called “Otters of the World” which will raise awareness about otters and highlight the threats they face. They have a wealth of experience and massive amounts of photos, so I am looking forward to this!

Pre-order the book (~S$33) from the Book Depository, Amazon UK, Amazon US or the Ottershop in the UK.

All proceeds will fund otter conservation.

I’ve already ordered my first three copies!

Otters of the world

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