How you know the students are gone

When students are gone after exams, those of us left behind in campus get to enjoy the space in canteens at 12pm. And there are other signs that they are gone.

Aerobics at NUS Block S2 stairwell is in order for a month while the lift is fixed. This is a really good thing because this lift has had me call Campus Security at least four times this academic year.

Once I was stuck in the ground floor with no handphone signal and with no power in the lift. Eventually I prised open the lift doors when some people outside happened to do so as well I advised staff I knew on the 5th floor to walk down the stairs in the evenings instead. Yes, time to get this fixed!

2014 05 12 09 36 35

Early morning espresso (note not expresso!) coffee at Spineelli’s is still available at the Science Canteen but not later in the afternoon, argh!

2014 05 17 13 39 54

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