Remove that “App of the Day is a feature of Pet Match” spam – check web extensions

I began seeing spam at the bottom of webpages yesterday on Safari, including my WordPress blog:

Contact Us » Save Our Street Dogs-2

A quick search of the phrase “App of the Day is a feature of Pet Match” led me to forums and after jumping though a few links, I read this remark by erkme73 on

“Folks, it’s not [AdBlockPLus]. ABP is blocking a rogue extension from communicating with – and you’re seeing the text alternative. “

George Garside on elaborated,

“Apparently This is spam, introduced by an extension, through AdBlock is not the cause! AdBlock blocks the injected ad, so the extension inserts the text equivalent.

Disabling AdBlock will remove the text, because it allows the original injection to take place, and will decrease page load time as the secondary text injection is no longer required.

Enable AdBlock so that the text is shown, then disable other extensions that you have enabled, until the text is no longer inserted.”

So I searched my very few extensions and found a link on Awesome Screenshot.


I turned that off and, peace reigned again, once more. And thanks AdBlock for blocking that spam code!

Users are fingering a variety of extensions which cause this effect for them, in the links above. It must have been inserted during auto-updates of trusted extensions, which now carry the code. It’s an epidemic!


6 thoughts on “Remove that “App of the Day is a feature of Pet Match” spam – check web extensions

  1. One other thing about Adblock, look into the preferences and if you see an option named “Allow some non-intrusive advertising”, turn that off too. This also applies for the Firefox and Chrome version of the extension.

  2. I can still see that rogue text on the bottom of this page whiles viewing your blog as well as on other pages I have opened currently in tabs. Unfortunately I cannot find the superfish check box beside any of my extensions.

  3. I use Mozilla Firefox on Windows 7. I removed FastestFox and WindowShopper, and the problem went away. Do NOT remove AdBlock, as the latter is doing it’s job by only allowing the “App of the Day” message to show, rather than allowing those two add-ins to work. This would appear to be new code in those two add-ins, per forum posts on MalwareBytes website.

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