Semester end – a race to the finish: marking, collation, verification and what not

Before the final push, it is important to summarise the race to the finish for the three modules I run this semester with eh FTTAs – LSM1103 Biodiversity, LSM2251 Ecology and the Environment and LSM3261 Life Form and Function.

The marking load is less demanding this year due to smaller classes – 240 first year biodiversity essays, 154 x six short answers and 71 x six short answers and one essay. Open-ended questions punish the marker but are an interesting insight into the students’s mind and will result in tweaks or changes to the pedagogy of the modules the following year.

Mark, mark, mark, then page and script summations, verification, transfer to excel, verification then upload to the system.

After marking there is consolidation of assessments, verification, submission to the IMMS system, verification before checks by the DBS Exam Task Force. It’s my twice-yearly workout on Excel.

Then I put away my local disk image and it’s feedback for some assignments and the exam, and a final email to the class before we part ways. Unless, of course, they join Toddycats for the Sungei Buloh Anniversary Walk or research students for fieldwork.

LSM1103 Biodiversity, 240 students
2014 11 27 14 42 47

LSM2251 Ecology and the Environment, 154 students
2014 11 27 15 01 33

LSM3261 Life Form and Function, 71 students
2014 11 27 15 31 48


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