21st Anniversary of Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve this Sat – the new extension opens!

Another break from marking, this time with NUS Toddycats as we roll out our annual Sungei Buloh Anniversary Walk. It’s a sold out walk with more than 100 registered just two days after we emailed NUS staff via department secretaries.

This year we will merge with Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve’s 21st anniversary celebrations which features the opening of a 31-ha extension. So it will be a shorter walk but there is much to ogle at! Long-awaited views to enjoy and new spaces which promote the outdoor experience. It will be there first time back for many of us after two years and the reaction of our visitors will serve as a recce for future trips! [For details, see the NParks Fact Sheet].

There is considerable an enthusiasm for nature walks and since we share stories which include aspects of hoister, nature and the environment of Singapore, we intend to do more in line with the SG50 celebrations. The nature community takes this seriously, as we want to ensure Singapore will have still have all this and more in SG100!

Meanwhile, congratulations to the many NParks team members over the years who put this together. We can hardly wait for Saturday morning!

Map from NParks (click for larger view)
SBWR with extention

Do note that Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve has two entrances now:

  1. Neo Tiew entrance – this leads to the new Wetlands Centre @ Buloh = the old visitor centre on the eastern bank of the Sungei Buloh Besar, with a few more facilities.
  2. Kanji entrance – this is opposite Kanji Reservoir Car Park B on the western bank of the Kanji River. It leads to the New Visitor Centre @ Kranji = the old PUB building near the start of the old Kanji Nature Trail

“Sungei Buloh reserve extension to showcase trails, guided walks,” by Valerie Koh. Today, 20 Nov 2014.

SINGAPORE — Visitors to the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve will be able to step on mudflats, cross a suspension bridge and take a stroll along a coastal boardwalk, once a new 31ha extension opens on Dec 6.

The grand opening, which coincides with the reserve’s 21st anniversary, will also see the launch of six new guided walks around the wetlands. The extension at Kranji Way, which includes mangrove and coastal forests, will have three nature trails totalling 1.65km and a new visitor centre.

Visitors can make their way across the 120m suspension bridge in the heart of a secondary forest and spot birds and insects in the mid-canopy region and forest floor.

Those looking for a more immersive experience can step on mudflats during low tide to look for crabs, worms and mudskippers.

Of the six free guided walks that the National Parks Board (NParks) is introducing — on top of an existing guided tour — two will cater to children under 12. During those two tours, led by students from Regent Secondary School, the children will be taught to identify common species of flora and fauna found at the reserve and the need for conservation.

The six walks, lasting one-and-a-half hour each and led by public and student volunteers, will be held on Saturday mornings on a rotational basis.

Each walk can accommodate up to 15 participants.

The wetland reserve sees an average of 100,000 visitors each year, but NParks hopes that the opening of the new ecological space will draw more people to the area.

Ms Sharon Chan, the reserve’s deputy director, said: “Over the years, we’ve seen a rising number of visitors going to the reserve. With these numbers, there will be an impact on the wildlife found there. We thought it’ll be a good idea to expand so that we can reach out to more people.”

The expansion plans took into account comments from the public.

“We do take note of the feedback … that the reserve is not very accessible, so we’ve brought it closer to people by building the extension closer to Kranji Reservoir Park,” Ms Chan said. Visitors can access the extension via a new entrance to the reserve at Kranji Way. The current entrance at Neo Tiew Crescent remains.

See the NParks media release of 20 Nov 2014 with links to a fact sheet and a brief about the guided walks.

Map from the NParks media release
Map from 20141120-Media Factsheet_SBWR-Extension

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