NUS VPN on OSX Yosemite? Install Juniper Pulse!

Update (04 Nov 2015) – Juniper version 5.1 works in El Capitan (NUS Comcen link has the update). Recommend after installation to delete old VPN profile, restart, add new NUS VPN profile. 14 Nov 2015 – I installed version 5.1.revision6 build 61491 (5.1r6.0-b61491) to battle a problem with Keychain Access [link].

Pulse Secure

It’s the time of the year to use NUS’ Integrated Mark Management System (IMMS) to upload exam and assignment marks for each module. I need NUS VPN in order to access IMMS at home and I was prompted to upgrade Juniper’s Network Connect application and would seemingly end up in a loop with Java. All very frustrating.

Even after the application of not a few sudo commands, and visits to a few forums, it finally seemed clear that Network Connect is incompatible with OS X Yosemite. Aaargh!

Juniper Pulse was suggested instead and happily as I began searching, an email from NUS Comcen directed me to their e-guides page where the Juniper Pulse installer has been made available, along with a step by step e-guide if you need it.

EGuides | NUS Computer Center

Installation and establishing a connection was simple:

  1. Click the pkg icon to download the installer into your Downloads folder (or your browser’s default download folder).
  2. Open the disk image file on your Desktop and Finder sidebar and run “JunosPulse.pkg”.
  3. A few straightforward installation steps are required take before completion.
  4. Open Juniper Pulse in your Application folder, or from the new icon in your menu bar (go to Finder first if your menu bar is crowded).
  5. Add a new VPN profile with these parameters: use type: UAC or SSL‐VPN; provide your profile with a name and the server URL is
  6. Connect and save settings on your mac.
  7. Provide your userid and password as prompted (you can also save this).

You should be a happy camper once more!


2 thoughts on “NUS VPN on OSX Yosemite? Install Juniper Pulse!

  1. Yes, VPN is important for secure connections outside of the workplace. If your organization provides this service for external connections, you should use it.

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