We’re halfway there! The fundraiser for Debby Ng’s Himalayan Mutts: wildlife, livelihoods and dogs

Last month, I blogged about “From Singapore with Love: Wildlife protection and an alternative to the desperate poisoning of dogs in the Himalaya” to raise awareness about my good friend Debby Ng’s effort to stop the cruel culling of dogs with rat poison and drowning in Nepal’s Himalaya. I thought she was in Australia for her studies at the time, actually but saw a Facebook post which revealed her to be right here in Singapore!

So after a flurry of emails, we got a talk setup with NUS Toddycats and NUS PEACE and it’s on for Wednesday. The fund raising is slow this year but at least we’ve reached the half-way mark!

Meanwhile, Debby has spoken on NewsRadio 938fm about the project which you can listen to here.

Join us at NUS LT34 this Wednesday evening an catch up with Debby and friends, register at tiny.cc/himalayanmutt!

20150209 HMP postcard dog

We are halfway there!
20150209 HMP Debby Ng

Saving wildlife in an endangered habitat
20150209 hmp postcard snow leopard


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