Shoulder joint and muscle aches through the new year!

In the course of a four day wilderness first aid course, we huffed and puffed with a 82kg “fracture and bleeding casualty” from the forest near the car park to Block S2. At one point I relieved a tiring colleague to cover two points and probably took on a bit more than I should have.

Typically the pain came days later. Salon Pas, stretching and what not, but to no avail.

Two of five plasters I slapped on my shoulders and neck
2015 02 10 13 19 shouder ache

Before I recovered, I forgot the pain and enthusiastically helped dig up the mulch for four trees (i.e. tree-planting) at Windsor Park (Venus Drive). The occasion? NParks had announced this park as a yet another buffer for the Central Catchment Nature Reserve and launched Chua Ee Kiam’s latest book, “Rainforest in a City”. It was a happy day!

The week after, my shoulders and arm muscles ached even more terribly than before! Especially my right shoulder joint which felt very loose. Ache, ache, ache all through Chinese New Year to add, erm, injury to the insult to a bout of the flu.

My joints ached so much, I came close to breaking out a triangular bandage sling at work today.

All this pain is simply due to unused muscles getting a rigorous workout too suddenly. Since I cycle, trek, conduct coastal cleanups and briskwalk once in awhile at least, those muscles are not startled easily. Stretcher-bearing and ‘tree-planting’, on the other hand, were too demanding for this desk warrior! So despite an old fashioned energy-saving technique with the changkul, the muscle power required was still too high a demand.

Thankfully that day, the fifth tree eluded me. I looked, but there were no more unplanted trees.

Solution? More tree planting sessions – but with some preparation before hand!

Tree-planting on Sat 14 Feb 2015 with Darren Yeo for support. He planted three trees during the EcoLink tree-planting session so wisely took a break this time!
Digging for gold 6376

I am well supervised – Subaraj Rajathurai joins the side-pit discourse!
Tree planting2

Happy camper, before the pain!
Tree planting

Photos by Nick Baker and Airani S.


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