Wah! Ministry of Transport says, “Five reasons to cycle more in Singapore”!

A decade ago, my cycling kakis looked yearningly at Canadian Ministries of Transports to learn from their comprehensive research findings and information about cycling. this evening, I returned to Facebook after a CNY hiatus to see this and exclaim! Singapore’s Ministry of Transport webpage featuring reasons for cycling in such a prominent way.

I particularly like Reason no. 5, and through the long rides, I have learnt much more about various neighbourhoods and other nooks and crannies in Singapore. I do wish we had a calmer island but the PCNs and wayside trees have helped.

5 reasons to cycle more in Singapore | Ministry of Transport Singapore  No 5

But this is simply a tip of the iceberg phenomenon. There has been considerable activity for at least half a decade at least and it has been a struggle to keep the Cycling in Singapore blog updated. Perhaps it has not been as important to do so, as comprehensive discussions were appearing in mainstream press. Many are still gnashing their teeth from day to day encounters, so two year ago I thought I should sound out that I was actually feeling optimistic. The way ahead is still a long one, though, make no mistake, like it has been in many other cities.

It has been nice to see various individuals from the larger community of cycling use and management prioritise meeting attendance when called on by government officers. And they are work together to pave the way for a healthier and safer city.

See http://www.mot.gov.sg/Transport-Matters/Cycling/5-reasons-to-cycle-more-in-Singapore/


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