Recovering the museum’s first blog, Raffles Museum News II (2004-2007)

From Jun 2004 to Jul 2007, I published some 400 posts on Raffles Museum News. Institutional blogging was not popular a decade ago so this was one of the first natural history blogs in the world! News was in abundance, and the struggle was just about having the time to write. Still, at some three posts a week, I think that was pretty good for the intense work rate at the time.

Raffles Museum News II

I started blogging in 2003, when my Mac Addict friend Bernard Teo introduced me to Samizdat, a blog platform he modified from phposxom. I was happy with the engine and used it for my first personal blog Otterman speaks.. and the natural history blog, Habitatnews.

Only Habitatnews survives as functional relic of Samizdat – which I love too much to give up!

In 2007, I shifted my personal blog to WordPress as it was easier to use with the blogging tool MarsEdit. Happy with the feel, I created the third Raffles Museum News there (, before I left the museum, so that multiple users could take over the site. The museum blog would shift one more time in 2014 with the name change of the museum to

Although the first museum blog was no longer being updated, it served as a repository of the old posts. So we tried shifting the blog to the new domain, but all the date and time stamps were messed up! Then recently I was told the site posed a vulnerability to the new museum server and I removed it the same day.

That first Raffles Museum News had reported many interesting events, visitors, activities and animal encounters, so it would be great to have the posts available somewhere. Well, where else but WordPress? So last night I registered and tried out a file from 2006:

Edit Post  Raffles Museum News II  2004  2007  WordPress

The text file contained the date of the post and I had to recover and embed the images, but it looks fine. I will restore the images to their original larger sizes as they were mostly 600 pixels in width. Well, I can tweak the template later. For now, I have a working model!

417 articles, 609 images and 34 pdfs were obtained from the museum server in these categories:

  1. bejc – 24 articles
  2. dinosaurs – 15 articles
  3. education – 64 articles
  4. linnaeus300 – 5 articles
  5. media – 7 articles
  6. meetings – 13 articles
  7. museums – 9 articles
  8. news – 41 articles
  9. people – 27 articles
  10. pub – 42 articles
  11. research – 27 articles
  12. resources – 15 articles
  13. southeastasia – 7 articles
  14. talks – 20 articles
  15. toddycats – 40 articles
  16. visitors – 62 articles

I am resisting the desire to do this all myself and let the interns handle it. It will require care and accuracy but a workflow should take care of that. The interns will imbibe the content in the process and gain a feel for things which influence present activity.

They just have to handle everything with tender loving care!

2015 02 25 14 26 14
NUS Toddycats SG50 Interns struggling to think of a verification procedure!


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