Less agitation from late night screens with f.lux, and newly updated too!

Computer screens apparently are designed to look like the sun and that is out of sync at the strange times at which many of us are still working. I’ve been using f.lux at least since 2011 to automatically make my Mac’s display warm at night and limit the blues. I tried it to help me sleep better as I am typically up well after midnight.

NewImageThere have been some tweaks I have wished for in passing and today I learnt that f.lux for Mac issued an update which includes:

  1. Dim on disable It’s always been painful to disable f.lux for a color check or late-night design work, so we’ve provided a new option that dims your screen (a lot) when you disable. Check out the “Options” menu for this feature.
  2. Backwards alarm clock – “How much sleep will I get if I go to bed now?” Ha-ha, sweet!
  3. Faster transition to daylight instead – because we are so impatient to get going and our Macs need to keep up! Also, night-time and early morning transitions are longer – this used to be a little too abrupt for me, nice fix!

Like their URL says, just justgetflux!


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