Time for OS X El Capitan

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There will be performance and security updates as always, and new features – I am looking forward to the cursor locator, split view, auto hide/view menu bar, natural search in Spotlight, audio window identifier and 2FA.

There is also renaming files from the contextual menu, tabs in Mail and audio notes in Notes.

But Office For Mac 2016 might crash, repeatedly. So be cautious or an early adopter?

If Excel crashes, I can start using Numbers. After all, many of the shortcuts I depended on in Excel was lost in Office 2016. And I’m not dependant on Microsoft Word (with its mysterious formatting in documents I receive) or Powerpoint. I’ve gotten used to Outlook for NUS Exchange emails though.

I’ve always been an early adopter. My files are all on Dropbox, but I’m making a redundant back up with SuperDuper! first anyway.


Issues with El Capitan so far

  • Yes Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011 is dead in the water! Microsoft’s work around is to downgrade your OS, yeah right. There are also reportedly problems with Office for 2016 with no timeline for the fix. I was planning to make the jump so will wait for that. Meanwhile I switched to using Apple’s Mail for my NUS exchange account and am missing my Outlook shortcuts but will adapt to new ones.
  • Default Folder doesn’t work! There is a “risky workaround”. Home the new version is out quick.
  • The cmd-number shortcut in Safari switches between tabs by default but you can return it to activating bookmark bar items instead in the preferences, thankfully.
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