Job: Instructor/Lecturer in i) Sustainability and ii) Work Place Readiness at Ridge View Residential College, NUS

Job: Instructor/Lecturer (closing date: 13 Nov 2015; JOB-2015-0349720)

The Ridge View Residential College (RVRC) is a one-year interdisciplinary programme that aims to cultivate sustainability culture and leadership through a living-learning curriculum. Its three core modules, co-academic activities, and industry presence are seamlessly interwoven to ensure that students develop intellectual inquiry and academic rigour, engage in experiential learning, and are keenly attuned to the demands of the workplace.

RVRC is seeking applications for the position of Instructors/Lecturers to join its motivated and exciting team starting Academic Year 2016/2017. Successful candidates with suitable expertise and relevant experience will contribute to the development and teaching of two core RVRC modules, as follows:

  • sustainability (integrated interdisciplinary approach)
  • workplace readiness (including experiential learning, sustained sports, and readiness for internship/workplace) – the candidate will be involved in the design, implementation, assessment and evaluation of the sports and experiential learning components. The candidate will also support other preparatory and developmental activities relevant to ‘workplace readiness’.

Instructors/Lecturers are employed as full-time RVRC faculty on the Educator track. The positions may also be residential or non-residential.

RVRC currently admits only Year One students from five faculties/schools, namely Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, Faculty of Science, School of Computing and School of Design & Environment. Its strategic goal is to instil in students values and qualities contributing to their overall development as undergraduates – academically, socially, personally, and professionally – complemented by a close engagement with the industry.

Job Requirements:
RVRC is looking for faculty who can demonstrate the following attributes:

  • strong grounding in teaching and learning at tertiary level
  • keen to explore innovative and alternative ways of engaging student learning
  • learner-centric and learning-centric
  • passionate about nurturing and working with students
  • possess the pioneering spirit to shape and influence the direction of the College

To apply, see:


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