Not by honours thesis alone, also by internship and coursework – three ways to fulfil the Life Science Level 4000 requirements

This honours research module is a familiar rite of passage for all honours students and numerous students have learnt and contributed this way for decades.

In terms of modules and credits, to fulfil the Level 4000 requirements for Life Sciences Major, an undergraduate is presently required to pass

  1. LSM4199 Honours Project in Life Sciences [16 MCs], and
  2. Four LSM42xx elective modules [4 x 4MCs].

The Department of Biological Sciences which hosts the Life Sciences Undergraduate Programme issued the notice, “Changes to Life Sciences Major Level 4000 Requirements (1st April 2016)” [link]

We have been discussing this for some time now, as the honours cohort is expected to increase in light of the changed CAP cut-offs for honours, which were announced in 2014. Research lab space is strained and we need different strokes for different folks. So it is nice to see this finally announced.

There are a now three ways to fulfil the Level 4000 Life Science requirements:

  1. Honours Research Project (no change) – i.e. Pass LSM4199 + 4 LSM42xx elective modules
  2. Applied Internship Project – Pass LSM4299 Applied Project in Life Sciences + 4 LSM42xx elective modules
  3. Coursework; pass 8 LSM42xx elective modules.

This is applicable to students reading Life Sciences as primary major of the following matriculation cohorts

  1. AY2013/2014 – Current Year 3
  2. Cohort AY2014/2015 – Current Year 2
  3. Cohort AY2015/2016 – Current Year 1

Read the complete document at LSUP, which includes a description of the new LSM4299 Applied Project in Life Sciences, a full-time, “six‐month‐long project in an applied context that culminates in a project presentation and report.”

Update – read the five-page description for LSM4299 Applied Project in Life Sciences


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