Alarm bells for otter conservation – TRAFIC releases report on the Illegal Otter Trade (2016)

05 Jul 2016 – TRAFFIC today released “Illegal Otter Trade: An Analysis of Seizures in Selected Asian Countries (1980 – 2015)” – seizures of live otters destined for the pet market have increased, marking a potentially rising threat to otter species in Asia.

Chris R. Shepherd, Regional Director of TRAFFIC Southeast Asia:

“Very little effort has been made in the past to tackle the illegal trade in otters here in Southeast Asia, largely due to ignorance of the situation and an overall lack of concern for ‘low-profile species’.”

Nicole Duplaix, Chair of the IUCN-SSC Otter Specialist Group:

“What little we know is already setting off alarm bells. Further investigations, including into new trends like otter trade online, are critical if we are to understand the scope of the threats facing otters and take the necessary steps to protect them,”


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