‘When to enhance audio?’, the soundman asked me – screen grab annotations with Skitch 1.0.12 to the rescue!

I was giving a talk at a venue which had a tech guy controlling audio from the sides. the crowd was noisy gabbing away over dinner so I needed the subtle vote overs to be heard. But we could not keep the volume up as that generated feedback noise. The soundman wasn’t sighted well enough to respond quickly when the slides flashed by. And I had just turned up so there wasn’t time for him to get familiar.

Well, a prompt would be helpful.

My videos were embedded on a dark background so I switched keynote to lightbox view, did a screen grab with Skitch 1.0.12 and circled the videos – they were obvious in the lightbox view but circling removed any doubt. I dragged and dropped the the image to the USB drive which dangled from my keychain and he was relieved. Now we were in business.

20160721 apple talk

Well we started minutes later and managed a very smooth delivery indeed, and kept to time too! We exchanged a satisfied thumbs up to each other when it was over.

I made a point of citing the version – Skitch 1.0.12, because it is this 2012 version which was well loved by many [download link (11.9MB)]. Subsequently, Evernote bought over Skitch and completely ruined a lovely tool (e.g. see here and here)!

Ver 1.0.12 is still my favourite screen grab and annotate tool. It still works in OSX 10.11 El Capitan but I looked around for Plan B, just in case and YellowMug’s SnapNDrag Pro is not bad.


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