Happy National Day from the pre-National Day mangrove cleanup volunteers!

I am really thankful we did this well. We have sturdy independents, who are experienced, NUS Toddycats who can be counted on to help run operations and we initiate volunteers with the op. Read about the 2016 Pre National Day Mangrove Cleanup at the ICCS blog.


Holy cow! The 5th Mangrove and Macrobenthos meeting (MMM5) is coming to Singapore!

Mangrover Dan Friess says we are hosting 5th Mangrove and Macrobenthos meeting (MMM5) in Singapore in 2019!

We have already roped in Gladys Chua who organised the Mandai Mangrove and Mudflat meeting in 2013 with us. She doesn’t have a choice, but she’s happy!


Thanks to Jhoanata Bolivar for the photo.