What citizen science opportunities are available for environmentalists in Singapore?

Recently, NParks has made an effort to provide volunteering opportunities for the public and schools under the citizen science banner.

There are other opportunities in nature and the environment in Singapore (citizen science or otherwise) which are advertised through these avenues:

  • Wild Singapore Happenings, this blog carries a curated list of events maintained by Ria Tan which is particularly useful for families. This is actively updated and has categories such as forest, mangroves, walks, for kids, etc. link
  • Habitatnews (since 1998) is a mailing list I manage which highlights major events suitable for the general public – link
  • Ecotax (since 1998) is a mailing list I have maintain for technical seminars (mostly during office hours) and job opportunities – link

Other public data submissions for science projects (dates indicate project origin or when web forms were first provided ):

  • Mammal Records in Singapore (forms since 2009) – submit your records of mammal sightings in Singapore to http://www.sivasothi.com/mammal/
  • Dead Animal Reports in Singapore (since 2014) – submit records of dead animals at https://lkcnhm.net/dead-wildlife/ (note: for injured animals, please call ACRES Wildlife Rescue’s 24-hour hotline, 9783-7782
  • OtterWatch (Facebook page since 2010), submit your photos of otter sightings in Singapore here  –https://facebook.com/OtterWatch/
  • Common Palm Civet of Singapore (Facebook page since 2013), submit your photos of civet sightings in Singapore here  –https://www.facebook.com/singaporecivet/
  • Records of Singapore’s flora and flora (forms since 2010), for specific project submissions in conjunction with Habitatnews; so far used for Red Jungle Fowl (2010), Lyssa zampa (since 2005, ongoing) and mass flowering events http://tinyurl.com/habitatnews-records
  • Singapore Flowering (Facebook page since 2014) – post photos to this Facebook page to document flowering in Singapore, as we try to understand trends, identify flowers, raise awareness (also #sgflowering on twitter) – https://facebook.com/floweringinSG
  • International Coastal Cleanup in Singapore (since 1992), a data gathering, trash removal exercise conducted here and internationally in September, with data collation by Ocean Conservancy – http://coastalcleanup.nus.edu.sg/

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