Only 1.87% are blood donors but youth contribution has increased to 27% (2016)

One unit of blood can save three lives and blood demands have increased to 15 units of blood per hour or 400 units of blood a day. The blood-donating volunteer numbers in Singapore come from a small minority as only 1.87% of the residential population donate. If you are healthy and eligible, this is a definite way to contribute. It’s easy now with four blood centers and numerous community drives [link].

Impressively though, youth contribution has increased – 27% of blood donors are below 20 years of age, which is a massive increase from just 0.5% in 2004 and up from 5% in 2007. Youth (15–24 years) make up some 12-13% of the resident population in Singapore.

More facts on the HSA webpage (updated 11 Dec 2017). I wonder if the dip in dengue cases this year provided some relief on the demand.

This Feb 2017 poster from the Red Cross Singapore webpage provides a useful summary of the main facts:


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