Wild City – six 45-mins episodes though which to discover wildlife in Singapore

This series about wildlife in Singapore has excellent footage, lovingly shot by the team from Beach House Pictures of whom Claire Clements proved to be an inspiring naturalist and wildlife filmmaker. And as an additional treat many episodes were narrated by David Attenborough.


The Wild City (Singapore) episodes are mostly on Youtube as well now (remember to select HD before watching):

  1. Wild City: Urban Wild (2015) [link]
  2. Wild City: Hidden Wild (2015) [link]
  3. Wild City: Islands (2016) [link]
  4. Wild City: Forest Life (2019) [link]
  5. Wild City: Secret World (2019) [CNA link]
  6. Wild City: River World (2020) [link]

Do also catch wildlife animal rescues charity ACRES at work with Wild City Rescue (8 episodes) on MeWatch [link]


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