2nd May 2021 – moved all my meetings online and suspended/postponed all face to face events

Update (3rd May 2021) – Singapore reverts to Phase 2 from 8th to 30th May 2021.

Singapore is entering a near-lockdown to arrest the impact of COVID-19 infections, of which we have seen cases in the community increase recently

Singapore is experiencing its worst spate of Covid-19 community infections in close to a year, in a painful reminder of how the virus situation can flare up without warning.

But if contact tracing, testing and quarantine protocols are as effective as before, and people do not let their guard down, the current situation could come under control within the next week or so, experts said.

NUS issued a circular last night which has us on 100% WFH this week and 50% thereafter until 23rd May 2021. 

I shifted all my meetings online, declined others which are still face to face and suspended all field trip events (guided walks, mangrove cleanups and habitat enhancement) until 23rd May 2021, which is the period of heightened mitigation as per NUS guidelines.

This affects all NUS Toddycats field events, and the Biodiversity Challenge events with the Biodiversity Friends Forum. Such a pity as this is the best time for undergraduates to experience our guided field trips and I was to begin training of Team Leaders.

Oh well, pandemic reared its head. We will see how things are at end-May.

This pretty much sums up our current situation  – Prof Dale Fisher, chair of the MOH’s National Infection Prevention and Control Committee had “…urged people not to go out unnecessarily for the next few weeks and to minimise mingling with people outside their households.” [link]

We want to avoid another Circuit Breaker – PM Lee at May Day Rally [link]:

“Mr Lee hoped Singaporeans would work together with the Government against the virus, and not let down their guard. He noted that with new strains of the virus emerging, Singapore’s Covid-19 situation can deteriorate rapidly.”

“We are watching our own situation, and it can easily, quickly, turn bad again,” he said.

“If we have to do another lockdown like last year’s circuit breaker, it would be a major setback for our people and for our economic recovery. Let’s not make it happen.” 

He added: “It is not time to relax yet. This is a marathon. Let’s keep jogging. Let’s keep ourselves safe.”

Alright, all hands on deck, and we will beat this!