Reviving Flickr Pro after a two year hiatus

I revived the NUS Toddycats and my personal Flickr Pro accounts because we keep having to refer to old albums/collections which go back to 2005. They were reasonably well curated which helps:



Now that the tremulous years of Flickr are over with the SmugMug takeover in 2019, the US$143 they now charge for two years is fine. The business model has to survive and at least SmugMug immediately solved my hacked Yahoo account problem (age was zeroed, so child account) which Yahoo took my money for and ignored. And there have been other improvements including transfer flexibility – users can download all of our account data, such as photo albums, contacts, and comments.

So as we resurfaced with events and engagements, we realised we much prefer Flickr for image hosting and curation. I did have to wrestle with the yahoo email associated with the Toddycats Flickr account (a curse of the Yahoo acquisition from before), but thanks to my password manager, 2FA and secondary account password recovery, all is well once again.

Different tools are needed for specific chores so I will still use GDrive for sharing access for photo uploads by various folks after an event. 


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