Recalling a wonderful thing which happened last year – students wow the audience at the Evening of Biodiversity II

The mammal seniors of Otterman Holt did well that evening and the crowd amazed us – 400 turned up (we maxed out parking) within a week of the announcement and enjoyed heartening talks of great clarity and pace. When I ended the Evening of Biodiversity II with a “Aren’t they lovely?”, Prab Nathan positioned behind the […]

Invitation to An Evening of Biodiversity: “The Secret Lives of Mammals in Singapore”, Wed 16 Apr 2014: 6.30pm @ NUS LT25

I am glad to announce "An Evening of Biodiversity: The Secret Lives of Mammals in Singapore” presented by six young graduates of the Department of Biological Sciences, National University of Singapore. They share with us short stories about wild mammals from their recent student research and their hopes for Singapore’s wildlife and heritage. Come and […]

Walking Southern Ridges w/NUS Staff – abandon your desks on Friday evening and join the Walking Club!

The University Health Service (UHS) started a Walking Club in collaboration with Office of Environment Sustainability (OES) and the Department of Biological Sciences, to encourage highly immobile NUS staff (desk jockeys!) to get up and start walking for exercise. This immobility is an urban curse and like many national medical bodies, our Health Promotion Board […]

Cat in my chair

I dug up this book, “Slide:ology” by Nancy Duarte (2008) to compare its contents with the procedure I used for the Evening of Biodiversity speakers these past couple of weeks. Cleared the chair, found and unwrapped the book, turned around and found the chair claimed by Xylo the Cat. Drats! Np, cats! Written with the […]