Exercise by briskwalking the Southern Ridges

Torpidity will ruin us so here we go again!

In an effort to get some baseline walking done, and in particular, to help other lethargic NUS staff members, Kenneth, Weiting and I met to discuss possibilities. We had led some walks last year, and had always meant to restart the series.

2017 03 08 13 58 24

Two lunch time chats later, and after roping in Joleen and Airani, we decided we can begin with five Friday evening walks, just one a month, on the following dates:

  1. Fri 24 Mar 2017: 5.30pm
  2. Fri 28 Apr 2017: 5.30pm
  3. Fri 19 May 2017: 5.30pm
  4. Fri 30 Jun 2017: 5.30pm
  5. Fri 28 Jul 2017: 5.30pm

To register, visit the Eventbrite page.

Citizen Science Symposium at Yale-NUS College, 3-4 March 2017 (free; register)

An upcoming symposium on citizen science at Yale-NUS College, 3-4 March 2017 which will feature a mixture of talks and workshops, with the goal of increasing understanding of citizen science both locally and internationally. Anticipated topics are the role of technology in citizen science, and bridging citizen science with pedagogy.

All are invited to register to attend (free) at the registration page.


NUS VPN on macOS Sierra? Update Pulse Secure to version 5.2r5.0-b869

With each version of OS X, it is necessary to update NUS VPN to access certain university sites remotely. This prevented me from using the macOS Sierra beta version as the VPN software would not be updated until stable release.

The Pulse Secure version that works in macOS sierra is 5.2r5.0-b869, which is available from NUS Computer Centre at https://comcen.nus.edu.sg/eguides/

Screenshot 107

If you have updated your OS, you should go ahead and download this latest version.

So now “we” are spamming ourselves!

2016 06 09 13 53 42I’ve been at the receiving end of “undelivered” email notifications with attachments. Asking around, it seems it’ a widespread problem amongst NUS staff.

The campus helpdesk said a spammer sent an email to my email address, and disguised it to appear to originate from my email address (spoof), i.e. from: xxxxx@nus.edu.sg and to xxxxx@nus.edu.sg. Well, the NUS exchange server will redirect spoof emails to junk.

However, these emails contained invalid characters so could not be delivered. Unable to detect the spoof, the server alerts the purported user (i.e. me) so I get spam in the form of undeliverable mail notifications! You can just delete the emails, but the frequency and volume is quite high.

When something speaks past the NUS spam filters like this, I fire up SpamSieve once again. I have been using this application since 2004, and it’s magnificent!

These past couple of weeks, I have been using MS Outlook 2016 to handle NUS emails. It is unable to automatically apply SpamSieve’s AppleScripts to incoming messages. Well, as it turns out, a workaround is now available which I applied.

And so SpamSieve has helpfully relieved me of this plague of “undeliverable” spam.

Fri 13 May 2016: 5.30pm – Briskwalk with the NUS Walking Club to Alexandra Arch

In collaboration with Office of Environment Sustainability (OES) and the Department of Biological Sciences (DBS), the University Health Service (UHS) initiated a Walking Club to encourage highly immobile desk-bound NUS staff to start walking for exercise, amidst the company of fellow staff members.

As Kent Ridge is part of the southern ridges, we are walking monthly and progressively towards Harbour Front. The third walk of about 5.1km will be held on Friday 13 May 2016: 5.30pm. It will begin at the UHS Carpark and reach Alexandra Arch (near Labrador Park MRT Station).

NUS Staff are invited to jin their colleagues for the walk.
To register,

Screenshot 36

Future walks will reach Henderson Waves and finally HarbourFront. For more details, please see the NUS Walking Club page: http://www.nus.edu.sg//uhc/wellness/walkingclub.html

Abandon your desks on Friday evening and join us!