Thu 16 May 2019: 12.00pm @ NUS S1A – Lunch time talk by Dr Ravi Chellam on “Conservation management of Asiatic Lions of India”

Dr Ravi Chellam is in town and we are pleased to have welcomed him to share with us the conservation challenges of the famous Gir Lions of India. The lunch time talk and discussion will be held on Thu 16 May 2019 at NUS. All are welcome – just turn up! 

Click for the PDFravi_chellam-nusdbs

The venue is at the S1A Seminar Room, next to LT32 at Science Drive 4. Screenshot 363


Two public talks on wild cats of Asia in May: Dr. Lingyun Xiao (snow leopards in China) & Dr Ravi Chellam (Asiatic lions in India)

Two public talks brought to you by the  Singapore Wildcat Action Group
@ the Singapore Sustainability Academy, #6-10 City Square Mall, 180 Kitchener Road, S208359

The Singapore Wildcats Action Group (Vilma D’Rozario et al) were inspired by the MyCat walks in Malaysia and have organised to take action. This includes series of public lectures beginning with these by Dr. Lingyun Xiao on snow leopards in China and Dr Ravi Chellam on Asiatic lions in India. Registration is required at the peatix links below.

Sunday 12 May 2019: 1.00pm – Wildcat Lecture #1: Tracking the Elusive Snow Leopard in China by Dr. Lingyun Xiao (Beijing University)
On Sunday, 12th May, Dr. Lingyun Xiao from the Life Science Centre of Beijing University will share her research on the status of China’s snow leopards. Dr. Xiao is also the Scientific Consultant to Shan Shui Conservation Centre, an organization that promotes snow leopard eco-tourism in The Valley of the Cats. Through her presentation, we hope to raise awareness of the plight that snow leopards face and learn how average citizens can play a role in conserving this iconic wildcat. Of special note is her work with the local community that helps to monitor the status of snow leopards that live in wild habitats around them. For more information and to register for this free lecture, please visit

Wildcat 1 Wildcat 2

Fri 17 May 2019: 7.00pm – Wildcat Lecture #2: For the Love of Asiatic Lions — 30 Years of Experience in India by Dr Ravi Chellam
On Friday, 17th May, Dr. Ravi Chellam, CEO of the Metastring Foundation, will present his research on the Asiatic lion. Dr. Chellam brings with him 30 years of experience studying and conserving the wild lions of Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary in India. In this richly illustrated talk, Dr. Chellam will trace the conservation history of lions; describe their current status and priority conservation actions needed; explain the Asiatic lion’s ecology; and refer to his personal experiences since 1985 in what has been a fantastic but often frustrating journey. For more information and to register for this free lecture, please visit

Thanks to Vilma for the notification.

Remembering Dr Ong Bee Lian with the “Dr Ong Bee Lian – Department of Biological Sciences (DBS) Bursary Award” (raising funds by 15th Mar 2019)

Very happy they have initiated this bursary in memory of a very caring educator.

The Biodiversity Crew @ NUS

OBL memorial photoWhen we shared the passing of Dr Ong Bee Lian, former students from over three decades at NUS shared their memories of her inspiring figure, her days in lectures and practicals, and strikingly, her nurturing mentorship and kindness in her various roles as lecturer, administrator, mentor and friend [link].

Now, I am happy to share that Friends of Dr Ong Bee Lian at the Department of Biological Sciences (DBS) & Food Science and Technology Programme (FST), NUS have announced the initiation of a bursary in her name, and invite contributions very fittingly to help needy students in DBS & FST.

Their deadline is 15 Mar 2019.

“The Department of Biological Sciences together with Food Science and Technology Programme are initiating a bursary award for the late Dr Ong Bee Lian. Dr Ong was an exemplary and dedicated educator who was passionate about teaching. She was well liked by…

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Conservation job vacancy: Asian Species Action Partnership Coordinator (apply by 28 Feb 2019)

“ASAP is an inter-institutional Partnership convened by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Species Survival Commission (SSC), which focuses attention on a region that, without more serious conservation intervention, will see the demise of much of its unique diversity. ASAP was established to address the extinction risk among the most threatened land and freshwater vertebrates of Southeast Asia.

We are seeking a self-driven and motivated individual to support the ASAP Partnership. The successful candidate will be passionate about and committed to conservation, flexible and with personal drive and initiative. They will be expected to have knowledge and understanding of conservation issues in Southeast Asia, and enthusiasm for conserving species, building capacity, and engaging with diverse stakeholders across the global conservation community. They will need excellent communication and relationship skills.”

For more details, visit the ASAP webpage.

Are you a Nature Newbie who wants to contribute? Sign up with the Biodiversity Challenge 2019!


Empower: Attend the BFF Seminar & Workshop on Sat 23 Feb 2019 [sign up here: link]

Equip: Attend five curated field trips offered by mentors, log your experience in a field journal and attend a reflection session.

Engage: Attend a Festival of Biodiversity (FoB) 2019 preparation workshop (in May) and engage the public at FoB on 25 & 26 May 2019.

Enable: Conduct Acts of Nature to contribute towards Singapore as a more enlightened space for Human-Wildlife Coexistence.

From the Biodiversity Friends Forum team.

A multiple clipboard app like Flycut is an indispensable tool for keyboard warriors

A multiple-clipboard app records text you copy or cut, and recalls this text when needed with a keystroke or from your menubar. It is indispensable when recruiting scattered text into a single page. Or when assembling several disjointed bits of text into a single sentence, typically with citations, such as this list of media articles featuring ICCS.

Flycut 1.8.2

Right now I use Flycut ver 1.8.2 (DRM-free) which you can download here on Github (21 Dec 2016). There is a version on Apple Store, but it is older (1.5). I love the simple, clean interface. When I install it, I turn n a few options in preferences – start at login, no sticky bezels (on my laptop), ignore passwords, change the hotkey and increase saved clips to 50.

Copy Paste X

A multiple clipboard is critical. In the 90’s, I eventually settled on Script Software’s CopyPaste (OS8 to OSX) and switched to the free Jumpcut by 2006. When macOS Mojave complained about JumpCut, I discovered an update had existed for awhile, as Flycut.

Several options are available on AppStore which I have not tried. And other power apps such as Keyboard Maestro and the Alfred Powerpack include the capability for multiple clipboards.

What do friends on Windows or Unix use? 

Franz – one app to view them all: What’s App, Telegram, Messenger, Twitter, LinkedIn, GCal etc

Update – energy demands on Franz are much, much higher than individual apps. So now I fire up Franz only during active project management, when I use several messaging tools simultaneously. 

Screenshot 1453
I started using an application called Franz recently to help me view an unwieldy load of messages on several platforms for multiple projects. I had used Adium before but it died in 2017 with macOS High Sierra, I think.

Note that this is a desktop application only. 

I love that Franz includes GCal, because scheduling meetings are critical with working groups, volunteers, committees, and recently, reunions. Technology and a soft, persuasive touch help get busy people together, and switching to a person’s favoured platform helps. After all its to help protect the environment and promote harmony!

Switching between services is a keystroke away – I’ve arranged it as Cmd-1 (What’s App), Cmd-2 (Telegram), Cmd-3 (Facebook Messenger), Cmd-4 (Twitter) etc.  Franz can handle emails too but those are much more scary so I restrict those to mail programs. 

Franz is available on multiple platforms at 

Franz is multi-platform