Scheduling site – Doodle still rules the nest

When is Good

Kevin Lim highlighted a new scheduling website this morning:

I took it for a spin to compare it to Doodle and found that whenisgood

  • Does not need registration – same as doodle
  • Email notification also same
  • The setup page for the Scheduler look messy – not good
  • But it is easier to setup with many hourly options (I usually limit to a few with some pre-made phone calls)
  • Attendees need to click to see choice highlighted – ok
  • Scheduler can unclick names (listed by least options) to see if there is a date match – useful for very large meetings – good
  • But I cannot see individual choices easily – bad

So I prefer doodle still:

  • I can eyeball everyone’s choice on list easily, make a phone call to have one person succumb to persuasion
  • I find it easier to setup!
  • I have an account that keeps track of schedules I posted.

Does whenisgood have a niche? It looks like it could be useful for use for very large meetings in an office used to very specifically timed meetings blocks. And for offering many, many choices for a large number of people to chose from.

I’ll keep it in mind for a future meeting though to see if that uncovers more.