VPost for shipping?

VPost is offering a 15% discount now off shipping charges (UOB Card Holders have a permanent 20% discount for shipping charges over $40). The loot I ordered recently has beaten Joelle’s Amazon package back to Singapore – she twittered to alert me of the arrival of several of my packages in the lab.

But do your calculations well and read VPost’s explanation – e.g. there is a base charge that can be shared, take into account delivery time. And you do have to mathc your invoice to packages that arrive in VPost‘s Portland PO Box. That can some get messy and I’m thankful for Google Spreadsheets.

I use VPost when purchasing from an Amazon reseller who will not ship to an international address – over the years this has included a Saint Jack DVD, Spider Boys (a story set in Singapore), an out of print crab anatomy book, used DVDs and books (at otherwise very costly first hand prices) and an ExpressCard USB hub that unavailable in Singapore.

Gadgets for consideration

Kevin recommended the first two and the third I found after a little surfing:

  • SanDisk’s MultiCard ExpressCard Adapter – Kevin’s review – and now only $11.36 on Amazon – a no-brainer and Kevin just vouched for its download speed.
  • Mainnav MG-950D Sport Bluetooth GPS Data Logger / Cycle Computer – link – The cycle computer is tempting but an unlikely purchase – not enough offroad rides to warrant that since Bikely takes care of my road route plots nicely.
  • ?Locosys Genie BGT-31 Waterproof Sport Bluetooth GPS Data Logger with SD Expansion Slot – link – might be just what I need for my field trips – no Mac OS X support indicated but I think as long as it provides NMEA data, I can convert that for use by Google Earth.