iGlasses and Flickrbooth w/PhotoBooth

At the last mac meetup, the rest clicked away with cameras. I chipped in with the MacBook Pro using PhotoBooth.

Two other apps helped: iGlasses (US$10) made the indoor photos brighter (you can use it with iChat as well) and FlickrBooth (donationware) which uploaded the photos to my Flickr album immediately (there was Wireless@SG).

PhotoBooth with these accompaniments usually come in useful when photographing my cats, and it did fine with these two as well.

FlickrBooth for immediate PhotoBooth uploads

Mr Bats likes to interrupt me at the computer – sometimes though, he’ll settle down and groom me. Then try to stick his head into my arm, or nestle in the crook of my arm to grab a nap. I tilted my mac’s screen and used PhotoBooth for these shots (out of range of my table lamp’s sphere hence the graininess). Since I installed Tristan O’Tierney’s FlickrBooth, the photos are uploaded to Flickr immediately with a sequential number.

Photos are tagged with “flickrbooth” so there is a pool of almost 150,000 photos of faces, distortions and a few cats. So a tip if you decide to use flickrbooth and tend to get creative in front of your mac – set the default viewing permissions to private. You can always change that later.