Alison Wee, shavee no. 379

Alison Wee - hair today, gone tomorrow « Toddycats!I just had my haircut two nights ago and it was the first thing Kenneth Pinto remarked on at the Friends off Yesterday’s meetup – so you cut your hair too? So his head looks mine and vice versa, news that was forgotten about as soon as I heard it, partly because I was looking for the shower – I had cycled to our friend’s house.

This morning however, when someone else said almost as much, I reacted to it with great surprise. This time it was Alison wh is sporting a great head of hair. She said we’d be looking alike tomorrow. Turns out it’s because she will be Shavee No. 379 at Hair for Hope at Velocity@Novena Square tomorrow.

I wrote about it on the Toddycats blog.