“Mad about English”

Chua Ai Lin forwarded me this trailer for this “Mad about English,” a 60 minutes documentary by local production house Journey Pictures, it seems (Distributor: Looking Glass International; nha-uyen@lookingglassint.com). “Mad About English is a hilarious and heart-warming tale about China’s newfound passion for the English language as it prepares to host the world for the 2008 Olympics.”

It fun and heartwarming form the little I’ve seen. How do we get to see it all, I wonder…

There is more at the Screening Room.

“More than just an English fad, Mad About English! captures the new China in all its glory. As many Chinese see the Olympics as the nation’s coming-out party and a milestone in its ascent to power, anticipation of the games is fuelling a surge of national pride and a ferocious hunger to speak the language of the world.’

Though any doc on China can hardly avoid the topic, this is a film that shows the human side of Chinese citizens, rather than just objectify them as political or historical pawns.”