Pasir Panjang Heritage Trail – webpage for Heritage Fest ’08

After updating the dates on last year’s page, I had a place holder for the Pasir Panjang Hertiage Trail’s Heritage Fest event, or 2008: Ver 1.

Just now I dumped the content into a Rapidweaver 3.5 template to “improve” the site. Unfortunately I had to dump the Habitatnews subscription form as it seemed to wreak havoc.

I also still need to edit the home page text to fit this year’s theme but Kenneth will pass that to me next week. Then we’ll just have to check for browser compatibility and other errors. And maybe add a more prominent Heritage Fest pointer.

This site will just need minor tweaking in subsequent years. I have a version 3 which is currently duplicated in the home folder URL but I’ll go with this v2, I think.

Then hope we remember to open registration (!) and call for a guide briefing just before.