“Shift Happens” ver 3 (2008)

Sony BMG did up version 3 of Karl Fisch and Scott Macleod’s “Shift Happens” presentation about globalisation and the information age last year. I heard about last week from AR so went looking for it in YouTube.

I first heard about it at Karl Fisch’s blog, through one of my RSS feeds in 2007, when I was still reading a lot of education blogs in preparation for my switch to full-time teaching. It is an important presentation to see, meant for his staff faculty meeting. It is a well researched presentation and an important one for educators to see. Some of the points have led to the introduce certain elements or ideas into my classes. The project is supported by a wiki and the links to the two earlier versions are: ver 2 (design by XPLANE) and the original ver 1 (the one with the exciting “Last of the Mohicans” soundtrack). The wiki with the supporting information, higher resolution video and discussion is at shifthappens.wikispaces.com.

The other video I like pointing students to is Michael Wesch’s “The Machine is Us/ing Us.” It is an illuminating explanation of web 2.0. Higher resolution videos are available in the info sidebar.