The Changi Breakfast Ride – Zendogs at Changi Village and ECP Car Park B1 on Sunday, 05 Feb 2012

03 Feb 2012 – We’ll be converging on Changi Village once again this Sunday, for breakfast at 8am. 

First Group (75km ride)
6.15am – Holland Village MRT entrance outside Starbucks (24 hours on weekends, by the way): Kevin, Siva, possibly Kenneth (joins at Bishan if wakes up too late to train down), to Changi Village via Bishan, Tampines Road (7am) and Pasir Ris.

Second group (40km ride)
7am – East Coast Park, Car Park B1 (near Fort Road): Airani, Catherine, Jaswant and James to Changi Village via Coastal Park Connector. 

Return, 9.00am – all return via Coastal Park Connector, to ECP Car Park B1; the first group returns to Holland Village via Marina Barrage and Pasir Panjang. 


06 Feb 2012 – I did another Sunday 50km with the lads yesterday – Cheng Puay, Kevin and Kenneth left from Holland Village, as usual. Meanwhile Jaswant, James, Jocelyne, Airani and Catherine rode up from ECP Carpark B1. Alvin, who did a 11km run at Changi joined us for breakfast. 

This was Cheng Puay’s second ride >50km (he made about 80km this time!), Jocelyne’s first 40km ride and Jaswant’s re-introduction ride with the Zendogs was on a newly acquired second-hand bike from a classmate of ours, Amy Choong. Supposed to his wife’s bike but its idle so he brought it out for a spin. Kenneth’s foldable was in the shop so he used Norway-resident’s Hua Qin’s white Norco, which he suffered on, until a seat adjustment at the car park sorted that out. 

I left the group at Fort Road to go for a Lo Hei hence a shortened ride for the second week in a row. Still I noticed the ride to Changi has become faster, as was the leg back to ECP Car Park B1, which we reached by around 10.00am. We didn’t do any accessories shopping, having sorted out most of our gear already and the regular rides are making us faster. Granted, it was a cool day which reduced the ride difficulty. I snoozed after leaving Fort Road, tired from the ride and early morning wake up, while the other three pedaled on and demonstrated that we can do 80km and be back in Holland Village by lunch time.

The NTU Bike Rally is on 26 February 2012 – Kenneth, Kevin an I are riding that day. We’re just hoping it’s as cool as it was yesterday.


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