Some leads for journalists and students new to the topics I am involved with.
For Otters in Singapore, see Ottering

Interest Groups 

  • NUS Toddycats [link]
  • NUS PEACE [link]
  • International Coastal Cleanup [link]
  • Biodiversity Friends Forum [link]

Working Groups 

  • 2017 – Wild Boar Working Group
  • 2017 – Long-tailed Macaque Working Group
  • 2017 – Friends of Marine Park
  • 2017 – Biodiversity Friends Forum (under Biodiversity Roundtable
  • 2016 – Friends of Chestnut Nature Park
  • 2016 – Banded Leaf Monkey Working Group Singapore
  • 2016 – Otter Working Group Singapore
  • 2015 – Civet Working Group, now Urban Wildlife Working Group (2017)
  • 2014 – Friends of Pulau Ubin
  • 2014 – Freshwater Crab Working Group Singapore
  • 2012 – Nature Reserves Scientific Advisory Committee
  • 2012 – Biodiversity Roundtable of Singapore
  • 2006 – Marine Turtle Working Group Singapore
  • IUCN-SSC Otter Specialist Group (1990’s–) [link]

Wildlife in Singapore 

Public education about wildlife in Singapore, citizen science contributions to wildlife observations and human-wildlife coexistence (without conflict) is possible though the adoption of scientific management and investment of effort from all stakeholders.

  • “Where Singapore’s Wild Things Are,” The Straits Times Digital Team, 14 Apr 2017. [link]
  • Recruiting animal records
    • “Flurry of sightings of tropical swallowtail moth in Singapore,” by David Ee. The Straits Times, 22 May 2014. Nearly 800 sightings of tropical swallowtail moth reported online [link]
    • “What citizen science opportunities are available for environmentalists in Singapore?” 04 Mar 2017 [link]
  • “Don’t let humans be the death of nature,” by Audrey Tan, The Straits Times, 26 May 2016. Otter pup with fish hook highlights need for regulation, education and volunteers’ help.. [link]
  • “Culling of chickens: Base animal management policies on science,” by Audrey Tan, The Straits Times, 16 Feb 2017. The outcry over the Sin Ming chicken culling shows the need for a more humane, scientific approach to solving human-wildlife conflicts. [link]
  • “AVA to place signs alerting motorists about animals,” by Melody Zaccheus. The Straits Times, 30 Sep 2017. Move comes after two road accidents caused by wild boars over past two days. [link]
  • Biodiversity Friends Forum – “New six-month programme will promote co-existence between humans and wildlife,” by Audrey Tan. The Straits Times, 11 Jan 2018. [link; also this]

EIA engagement consultation with developers
There is no EIA law in Singapore but there is increasing engagement with wildlife experts or “nature groups” representatives who advise on mitigation.

  • Cross Island Line (LTA)
    • View the article list at Love Our MacRitchie Forest webpage]
    • Most recently, “Animal sightings alone not enough to gauge impact on their well-being,” by Darren Chan Keng Leong. Today, 11 Jun 2018 [link]
    • “Protect our environmental reserves like fiscal reserves,” by Geh Min. The Straits Times, 30 Jan 2018. [link]
  • Mandai Rainforest Safari Park (Mandai Park Holdings (MPH))
    • “Mandai area roadkill: Developer takes protective measures but wildlife experts call for more,” by Fann Sim. Channel News Asia, 22 Jun 2018. [link]
    • “Pregnant wild boar killed in BKE accident involving 3 cars,” by Deepanraj Ganesan & Jose Hong. The Straits Times, 23 Jun 2018 [link]
  • Solar panels in reservoirs (PUB)
    • “PUB studying clean energy solutions from blue spaces.” Media release, 29 Nov 2017 [ link]
    • “PUB eyeing two more reservoirs to harness solar power,” by Audrey Tan. The Straits Times, 01 May 2018. PUB eyeing two more reservoirs to harness solar power. [link]

Mangroves, marine environment and marine trash
Marine conservation includes advocacy for protection of a site, action and research into the impact of marine trash and protection of endangered species.

  • Mandai mangrove and mudflats
    • See webpage links here
    • “Calls to save Mandai site that’s rich in biodiversity,” by Grace Chua. The Straits Times, 07 Oct 2013 [link]
  • Turtle conservation
    • “Beaches here vital to turtles’ survival,” by Lin Yangchen. The Straits Times, 29 May 2016. [link]
  • Coastal cleanups
    • Visit the ICCS webpage, blog and fb page]
    • “Tanah Merah beach cleaning drive turns up 500kg of waste,” by Liyana Othman. Channel News Asia, 18 Sep 2016 [link]
    • “888kg of rubbish cleared during mangrove clean-up on 8th day of Chinese New Year.” by Zhaki Abdullah. The Straits Times, 04 Feb 2017. [link; also 05 Feb 2017]
    • “Wong Li Lin leaving Public Hygiene Council post after less than a year,” by Ervin Tan. The Straits Times, 28 Apr 2018. (I.e. PHC will not be corporatising as hoped) [link]
  • Marine Debris research
    • Visit the project page
    • “Two studies launched to monitor marine trash in Singapore,” by Kelly Ng, Today, 21 Oct 2017 [link]