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Otterman by Meryl ThengI am N. Sivasothi a.k.a. Otterman, an educator who loves animals, nature and the environment. I enjoy cycling, using the macintosh and exploring the internet.

I gave myself the moniker Otterman when I started research about otters in the early 90’s, to excite kids at talks and introduce an then unfamiliar animal to Singaporeans. As it turned out, adults were excited too! My wildlife research students all have names too: civetgirl, ottergirl, otterboy, monkeygirl, pigboy, palmboy. Their effort is exported into scientific input into wildlife mamagement and stakeholder feedback to developments.

I enjoy writing and have been fascinated by how a blog can be a personal notice board to the world. I am able to communicate, remember, highlight, enthuse and spread some cheer. I have written less and less. Initially in student newsletters in the 80’s and 90’s and then publicly from 1998 with mailing lists. In 2003, I finally began a personal blog which moved to this WordPress site in 2007. For specific themes, I have a few other blogs on various platforms.

With time, I struggle to write or find time to mention the memorable things. So twitter has helped out since 2007. Then came Facebook, which the Swedes on the Götheborg introduced me to in 2006. And then in the 2010’s, I tried Instagram and LinkedIn.

You can contact me at sivasothi@gmail.com

My official links

  • Senior Lecturer, Department of Biological Sciences, NUS [link]
  • Research Associate, Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum (formerly Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research), NUS [link]
  • Director of Studies, Ridge View Residential College, NUS [link]
  • Coordinator, NUS Toddycats [link]
  • Coordinator, International Coastal Cleanup Singapore [link]
  • Staff Advisor, NUS PEACE [link] & NUS VGE [link]

About Me:
Hre are blog posts by my naturalist-on-a-mission kaki Ria Tan and my blogging trinity friends; all are obviously kind accounts and a heart-warming read when I need encouragement. Also two interviews by fellow mac addicts, part of a community who have helped and encourage each others interests.

  • Siva and the best of biodiversity blogs,” by Ria Tan. Wild Shores Singapore, 20 August 2010 [link]
  • “theorycast.21 :: How Do You Blog? (for ubergeeks only),” by Kevin Lim. theory.isthereason.com, 9th May 2007 [link]
  • “The Otterman speaks at the library: Tales of the Thunder Crab and other secret stories of Singapore’s wildlife,” by Ivan Chew. Rambling Librarian, 16 Jul 2006 [link].
  • “Wild Lives: Siva.” by Ria Tan. WildSingapore, 2004. [link]


  • “It’s Not Just Us Living Here” Happy Hands, the quarterly MND newsletter no. 14 (Jan-Mar 2017). [link]
  • “Sivasothi #FF,” by John Larkin (Friday Follow Interviews). John Larkin, 16 Apr 2011. [link]
  • It’s not just us living here N Sivasothi, eco-warrior,” by Tan Weizhen. Today, 09 Aug 2011 [link]
  • “MacSingaporean – N. Sivasothi a.k.a. Otterman.” MacSingapore, 17 July 2002 [edited version appeared in MacSingapore, Aug 2002. [link]

Workplace features

  • “A Class Of Their Own: Education and the ecosystem”. NUS News, 24 Feb 2021 [link]
  • “A walk on NUS’ wild side”. NUS News, 2019 [link]

I’m a dog person. Then they came. I wish they could all be just as safe.

Tiger Mr Bats Xylo

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  1. Mr Otterman, Hello. I,m coming to Singapore to work for a few months. I’m a devoted bicycle commuter and long time associate of Critical Mass and the Midnight Ridazz here in Los Angeles. Can you tell me how I might be able to get connected to the cycling community in Singapore? Thank you, sincerely, Eric Gill

  2. Wee hah… I always remember the story you told me of how you connected the macs at the community centre in Serangoon when you were in school

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