The Beauty of Mangrove Forests” (Bimini mangrove, Bahamas)

“A very short film about the beauty and importance of Mangrove Forests.
This film is shot entirely in north Bimini, Bahamas. Every piece of footage was shot in an area that is currently threatened.

The people of the island are working very hard to have the area turned into a marine protected area. The mangroves of north Bimini protect the island from hurricanes and provide the abundance of ocean life that the islanders depend on for tourism and food.

Fisherman, conservationists, life long islanders and scientists all agree that the mangroves of Bimini need to be protected.”

“Bahamas Creates Reserve Protecting Marine Life From Resort Development,” by Juliet Eilperin. Washington Post, 23 Jan 2009.

“The Bahamas government has created a marine reserve off the island of North Bimini, preserving critical mangrove habitat and a shark nursery that had come under threat from a resort there.

The reserve, which will be protected from most fishing and other “extractive activities,” is home to endangered species such as the Nassau grouper and the Bimini boa, as well as a vibrant nursery for lemon sharks.

The decision — approved by the Bahamas cabinet Dec. 29 but announced last week — is a setback for the Bimini Bay Resort and Marina, which has been clearing some of the island’s mangroves to build a hotel, a golf course, a casino and two marinas, some of which have already been constructed.”

Is the threat over?

Bimini Biological Feld Station: “Mangroves of Bimini“:

“The islands of Bimini harbor the only mangrove habitat on the entire western Great Bahama Bank, a fact so significant that Bimini was designated as the highest priority site for a Marine Protected Area by the Bahamas government back in 2000.

Yet today, Bimini’s mangrove habitat shrinks smaller and smaller as a result of foreign development.”

Reminds me of Pulau Redang, Malaysia in the 90’s.

Thanks to Boon Peiya for highlighting this clip in Facebook.


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