MacRitchie to Bukit Timah today

I enjoyed a four-hour stroll from MacRitchie to Bukit Timah with my kakis from St. Andrew’s Junior College. One had returned for a visit from overseas and facebook-ed us so we decided to walk some 12km to a prata shop!

MR-BT 24 Jul 2011
First time at summit for at least one of us!

Despite our leisurely pace, we took 3 hours 15 mins to summit Bukit Timah (7.45am to 11.00am) which is about double the briskwalk time I thought we’d take. My kakis are a very positive bunch so I was energised by their company but I still had to huff and puff up the Jelutong tower and summit stairs.

At this time, Sunday is busy with joggers and with some parts of the route being quite narrow, you can’t really day dream! By Rifle Range Road though, it got more peaceful.

Partial route of walk 24 Jul 2011 - Hiking Activity 11.06 km | RunKeeper
Click for larger image
; route incomplete as I started Runkeeper late

We had taken a flatter route than my usual briskwalk route as we followed the (new) boardwalks most of the time to enjoy the scenery. It will take some time to return to my original condition of 1:35 for this walk but I’m not rushing it and this was a good reintroduction to the MR-BT walk.

Now I’m looking forward to more walks in the rest of the year!

p.s. The dosai at Al Azhar was much better than the prata!

Update – Stanley Ng was more alert and captured the route with Motion X GPS which has the distance down as 12.1km.:

Mr-BT 24 Jul 2011 - http:__share.gps.motionxlive.com_shr_x_kmz_d113054babbbfbe0ef86cd31a4b281c0 - Google Maps

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