Conspiring with Geographers

I found this old image from when I met up with Dan Friess (NUS Geography) to plan a symposium of mangrove reseearchers from Mandai’s mangrove and mudflat, past and present, formal and informal, prolonged and episodic. The workshop on 31st August 2013 followed up on the paper of 2012 and helped all of us further appreciate the significance of the site.

The series of 5-minute presentations were rapid fire and demanding on presenters, but it allowed the audience a grasp of a diversity of topics. Often it left the audience wanting more and on occasion, when painfully technical, it was over quickly!

In addition to further contribution to ongoing conservation effort, it turned into a recruitment session in response to many young faces in the crowd, some of whom have since taken an active role towards protection, research and education.



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