Smooth-coated Otter in Sungei Buloh mangroves

13 Feb 2009 – One of the Toddycats, Teo Kah Ming was assisting one of Ecolab's honours student Theresa Su, on her mangrove mudskipper field trip and was rewarded with an encounter of a "scampering  Smooth-coasted otter," Theresa reported. The otter disappeared into the bush, after swiping at something in the mud, probably a mudskipper.

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2 thoughts on “Smooth-coated Otter in Sungei Buloh mangroves

  1. Hi,
    I thought I saw a sea otter at the newly damned up Punggol Reservoir (near to Seletar Airport) while jogging there. Please help to confirm whether there are otters sighted there before. The animal disappered before I could activate my handphone for a pic.
    The worry is that once the reservoir turns into fresh water, can the otters survive ?


    • Thanks for the note, Wang.

      Yes, you were correct – a type of river otter, Smooth-coated otters (*Lutrogale perspicillata*) have been sighted along the Punggol river. They are more estuarine/marine then freshwater creatures so they will be fine. These are of the same species as the ones at Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve.

      Could you record your sighting here please? Go to Thanks!

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