SAJC’s Blood Donation Drive today: Overcoming a fear of needles!

St. Andrew's Junior College's blood donation drive is a lovely way to introduce youth to the process and a way for some to overcome their fears in the company of friends. An NUS Life Science graduate and old friend Geraldine Yeo overcame her fear of needles and contributed her first blood donation at her college blood donation drive. Earlier this year, she made her 25th blood donation

Now the biology teacher at SAJC, she and a team organise this donation drive and introduce SAJC students to the process. I'm proud that she has done so much personally and helped to organise these drives which encourage others to start the process, just like she did.

I dropped by the school hall last year but sadly had to give the blood drive a miss this year. Massive body aches flattened me these few days and I am still feeling a little woozy. You have to be hale and hearty for this an even panadol requires a three day deferment.

Meanwhile, the status of our blood stocks is:
  • Group A stock: Critical
  • Group B stock: Healthy
  • Group O stock: Very Low
  • Group AB stock: Healthy


One thought on “SAJC’s Blood Donation Drive today: Overcoming a fear of needles!

  1. We at Give Blood UNSW absolutely adore the concept of educational institutions getting behind the notion of donating blood! We just wanted to congratulate you on your initiative in getting a donation team together and topping up blood supplies globally!
    Rubie Dickson

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