Honours thesis deadlines

After the euphoria of the end of exams, this is a precious time free of lessons and assignments. So the honours students have to make the most of this time to make significant strides in field work. However, the north-east monsoon is a period of heavy rains and frequent storms, during which branches fall in the forests, water levels in streams are elevated, and salinity plunges along the coastlines. Still, there are sunny days.

Setting deadlines
Draft of honours thesis schedule. Will check against official deadlines later.

It is easy to lose track of time, so as soon as I was done marking exam papers last week, I had a chat with my honours students to ensure they keep an eye on the calendar. At this point of time, I get to terrorise them with deadlines, but eventually all this will all boomerang back to me during Semester 2 with lots of easing to do.

This time the work is concentrated on small mammals, squirrels, civets and mangrove horseshoe crabs. Lying in wait at this time will be a leopard cat thesis and two science communication dissertations.


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