Nice to be back in the forest again

Today I had some explorations of streams to do, and I enjoyed that nice familiar feeling. The week is a mad rush so this was therapeutic – pushing through vegetation (I avoid parang use), wrestling around or through a tree fall to get to waterlines and drenched from the stream and perspiration in the humid forest. It started out as a detached observation, what with my less than fit condition nowadays but I just had to sink my feet into it.

Thankfully the hiking was relatively mild although I huffed and puffed. I was thankful for the briskwalks I had made last year. Extra clothes in the office came in useful again. I’ve run out of supplies after a few similar adventures of this sort, so I’d better replenish the cupboard.

Yesterday, Lekowala did bird watching with his students and was ecstatic when I called him in the morning. We obviously miss simple delights!


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