Immediate additions to a newbie’s MacBook Pro

A friend just got a Mac Boook pro; first thing I did was to tell her buy even more stuff!

  • RAM makes all the difference so maximum the RAM your mac can hold – it’s reasonably priced now; just buy at Sim Lim.
  • On that Sim Lim shopping trip, buy an external hardisk with a much larger capacity larger your mac’s hard disk. Then you can use Time Machine (the mac’s built backup software). An external 3.5″ may be bulkier but is much cheaper; leave it at home for dedicated daily backups. It is usually cheaper to buy the disk and casing separately, although I hear Western Digital has a good deal these days. When I needed something portable in a hurry one day, I got a 320GB Buffalo 2.5″ for the 80GB (sigh!) internal hard disk on my MBP.
  • If you intend use your mac both at home and at the office, get an additional power supply immediately – the online Apple Store Singapore will usually deliver in a day, and to your door. The MBP battery does not last long, unlike the old 14.1″ iBooks!
  • At home, if its your only or main computer, get a coolpad; it will angle the computer up and keep it cool (my MBP gets very hot); critical for non-air-con rooms which I prefer.
  • External keyboard and mouse from Apple Store Singapore – no heat issues and much more productive!
  • A definite must for lectures, especially if you are peripatetic – a wireless remote. You can actually use a bluetooth phone but I have been using a Keyspan Presentation Remote for a few years now. I finally got the remote’s battery replaced and it made all the difference in class yesterday; I got to roam!

Software suggestions next…