16gb thumbdrive and a head rest

16gb SanDisk Cruzer Micro USB2.0; firewire cable above in midst of a back up.

At my cross faculty animal behaviour lecture last Wednesday, I wandered into the topic of echolocation during a lecture on animal communication by sound. During the break, I wanted to adapt a couple of slides with great mages and a movie clip from my 3rd-year zoology lecture. But it was missing!

Last year, I had cleared away Semester I lecture material into backup sites so that my suffocating hardisk on my Mac Book Pro would have space to keep functioning effectively.

Five 5gb of free space is an absolute minimum – the MacBook Pro is almost three years old so its 80gb hardisk is small. Photos are getting larger and larger, even my handphone photos are 3MB – this is a good thing that has allowed mudskipper identification, for example,from a distance. But an old hardisk eventually chokes.

I know I have to change my MBP Pro e-SATA hardisk soon (e.g. there is a 7,200rpm 320gb Hitachi out there) but I’d prefer to wait when my lectures are over. For now, I bought a 16gb thumb drive and am copying over all my lectures and few of my recent presentations too. How nice!

Mr Bats kept me company while I sorted and copied over the files. Typically, he settles in tightly between the wireless keyboard and my body, resting his head on my left arm as I type, sometimes grasping my arm with his front legs while his rear legs straddle my right arm. I used PhotoBooth to grab this shot; miss his legs but you get the idea 🙂

At this angle, he almost looks like a rabbit!

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