Morning after….Mac Book Air

I didn’t follow MacWorld this year, even forgot about it despite Kevin’s promise of a webcast – I had cat issues. This morning, woke to see Jennifer’s feed exclaiming over the Mac Book Air which macaddict rumour sites had picked up on.

Claims about the “incredibly light and tiny” Mac Book Air include a five hour battery life with wireless and a more environmentally-friendly construction.

See the specs review at MacWorld and a “hands on” report. I’ll check in on all this on Sunday during my cycling recovery period. There is voluminous information from just Kevin; his pre-keynote interviews are fun for macaddicts like me to watch for the comments and atmosphere!

Besides MacBook Air, Steve Jobs also touched on:

  • iTunes Movie Rentals
  • iPod Touch software update with 4 new apps
  • iPhone Software Update
  • Time Capsule
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