Animal Behaviour module blog resucitated

It’s that time of the year again to teach animal behaviour to non-biology students. So the module blog gets revived as well. Right now I am posting links to content I mention during the lecture. Since it is a cross-faculty module, they must not be drowned in jargon-filled literature; they are not biologists so it’d be tiring.

But a mild glimpse at least is needed, so enjoyable and less jargon-ful papers are selected. Articles by science journalists are really helpful and videos, of course, are everyone’s friend. I too watched (*almost*) agape this afternoon as we watched Attenborough get a little to close to a roaring 3-ton bull elephant seal.

I can post from within MarsEdit after Kenneth found me the settings. Oddly enough I can’t get it to work on the G4 desktop in campus so I’ll check against this image when I am back there tomorrow.


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